Special Awards

Advocacy Award

The Advocacy Award is granted to an organization or person who demonstrates a commitment to the process of advocating and supporting the Green Industry and or the concept of Environmental Sustainability. Our focus encompasses public policy, accountability, education and awareness. Candidates will typically fall outside of the 22 Green Industry categories.

2011 – Climate Ride (Geraldine Carter and Calie Quinn)

Click here to visit the Climate Ride website.

Innovation Award
The Innovation Award is granted to an organization or person who creates or improves technology, products, services, processes, techniques and systems to avoid or reduce the use of carbon based materials (fossil fuels) for the betterment of society and the environment. Economic factors are also very important and will be a consideration in determining our recipient(s). Eligible candidates must demonstrate a connection to the 22 Green Industries or in support of other organizations associated with Environmental Sustainability.

2011 – Aquacue (Mr. Shahram Javey)

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