Nomination Information

Thank you for taking the time to nominate your favorite “Green Industry” individual or organization. It is our intention to make the nomination process as simple and seamless as possible, making it easy for people to navigate. Anyone can submit a nomination. There’s no cost or obligation to submit a nomination and your information will not be sold.
We accept nominations from any location or organization world-wide.

Step one: Complete the on-line NOMINATION FORM provided on the IGIHOF web-site. Complete the nomination form and include as much nominee contact information as possible as we will need it to contact the person or organization to verify the information being submitted. This verification and information gathering process is part of the selection criteria used by the Nomination Committee.

If we are unable to get in contact with the nominee, they will be disqualified from being considered for the year they are nominated. This means you can re-nominate them for the following year and start the process over. After you submit your nomination, you will be automatically contacted to confirm we have received your nomination. If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us immediately (see contact page).

Step two: After vetting we will announce the semi-finalists. Once the semi-finalist have been identified, nominees are informed of their status.

Step three: The IGIHOF Board of Directors will review the list of semi-finalist and consider the recommendations from the Nomination Committee.

Step four: The finalists are selected.

Step five: The finalists are contacted and informed that they must attend the annual induction ceremony to finalize the induction process. Failure to attend will disqualify the candidate from entering the hall of fame.

Step six: Information on the induction ceremony and conference will be provided and honorees are asked to attend the ceremony at which time they will be given time during the ceremony to talk about their achievements and accept the award.