Mission & Values


To Promote Ecological Sustainability Excellence Worldwide


The mission of the International Green Industry Hall of Fame, also known as IGIHOF, is to recognize individuals and organizations for excellence and outstanding achievements in the green industry.


The IGIHOF Values:

  • Transparency… with our members and the public.
  • Commitment… which is genuine.
  • Honesty and Integrity… in everything we say and do.
  • Respect… for the environment and each other.

Non Partisan Statement

In executing our mission we recognize individuals and organizations regardless of political affiliation. The IGIHOF does not endorse political candidates and will not finance or donate funds to any political movement regardless of the cause or physical location.

The IGIHOF is an International organization and will respect the cultures and norms of all people worldwide.

Financial Platform

IGIHOF is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, and contributions are deductible for Federal Income Tax Purposes to the extent permitted under Section 170(b)(2) for corporations.

We are an “open source” organization gathering nominations at no cost/fees to the nominator or nominee. There are no financial barriers to participate in the nomination process.

Our funds/revenues are derived from donations/contributions funding the development of the IGIHOF website, social media efforts and our annual induction ceremony and conference. The IGIHOF budget is estimated to be $30,000 annually.

We exist because of the hard work and dedication of our Board of Directors and their companies, and contributions from the general public. IGIHOF has no paid staff allowing us to invest 100% of our donations toward the mission of recognizing excellence in the green industry.

Donors and investors are welcome to receive our financial statements at any time. Request for information will take an estimated 30 days to process.