Individual and Organization Inductees

Admiral Len Hering – Lifetime Achievement

Admiral Len Hering

Len Hering is a retired Rear Admiral from the US Navy and is the Executive Director of the non-profit Center for Sustainable Energy. He established acclaimed energy efficiency, waste diversion, and water conservation programs for the US Navy, and following his successes he was consulted to assist with the creation and development of local and federal sustainability programs. He’s a recipient of many distinguished environmental awards and focuses on public presentations about the severity of the impact of climate change.

Captain Bernardo Herzer – Lifetime Achievement

Bernardo Herzer

Captain Bernardo Herzer is Founder and CEO of LEHR Incorporated, where he developed, patented, and commercialized the use of a long-overdue eco-friendly propane canister for small engines, like the ones that power handheld lawn and garden tools. Previously he was a ship captain, where he became aware of the devastating impact of commercial fishing on marine ecosystems and also discovered the environmental benefit of utilizing propane over gasoline. Observing environmental destruction inspired him to commit his career to finding more environmentally-friendly solutions for retail and commercial products.

EV West – Transportation

EV West

EV West distributes electric vehicle parts and equipment for old car conversions with the outlook that it is more environmentally friendly to convert a conventional vehicle versus purchasing a new electric vehicle (EV). They provide consultation for conversion and energy storage projects and have an accessible facility in San Marcos, CA with off-grid solar and battery storage. Michael Bream, Founder and CEO, proved the performance of EVs by setting a world record at the high-altitude Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb and has been passionate about contributing to the transportation transition to EVs ever since.

Dr. Michael E. Mann – Lifetime Achievement

Michael E. Mann

Dr. Michael E Mann is a distinguished climate researcher and director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center. He is the author of several books and over 200 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Mann was a Lead Author on the Observed Climate Variability and Change chapter of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Third Scientific Assessment Report in 2001. Over the past decade, Dr. Mann has begun focusing on public outreach and education in an effort to encourage our government and the public to take urgent action on climate change. Dr. Mann cofounded the website RealClimate, a platform to provide commentaries by scientists, and serves on the advisory board of the advocacy group The Climate Mobilization, which calls for large scale political and economic action to address climate change.

Netafim – Agriculture

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Netafim, in response to the water scarcity crisis, is a pioneer and global leader in drip irrigation technology, parts, and education. Sustainability is their business. Their own Environmental Policy sets ambitious goals for resource and energy efficiency, analysis of procedures, transparency of results, employee training, minimization of ecological impact, and much more. Because of their outstanding performance and reputation, they are involved in international initiatives to innovate and implement solutions to the world water crisis. They manufacture and recycle their own products in locations across the world, with their head facility in Israel.

 Plastic Pollution Coalition – Waste

Plastic Pollution Coalition

The Plastic Pollution Coalition was created from the non-profit environmental incubator Earth Island Institute. The organization creates and maintains a global coalition of businesses, organizations, and individuals that collaborate to prevent toxic damage from plastic pollution. Coalition members research the impact of plastic pollution, devise strategies to approach issues, organize action to pursue solutions, and educate the public on problems and paths forward. There are over 500 members from local groups to international associations.


Individual and Organization Inductees


Agrissentials is a New Zealand company that manufactures a variety of high-quality organic fertilizers. Their specialized products are designed to enhance soil fertility and to rejuvenate soils that have been depleted of nutrients. Many of their innovative products and programs are formulated for specific crop types or livestock use, and they are all tailored to supplement New Zealand’s particular soil types. Agrissentials is being inducted into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame for their success in developing an environmentally healthy product that provides a powerful boost to the regional agriculture economy.

Alpine Bank Finance

Alpine Bank has been providing preeminent banking services for the citizens of Colorado for 43 years. It is a model for financial institutions to incorporate sustainability- it invests in and generates renewable energy, achieves resource efficiency through significant water and paper reduction, and offers a variety of green loans to its customers. The bank also values and promotes education by financing environmental education groups and providing information to the public on how to live sustainably. IGIHOF is recognizing Alpine Bank for its innovative and persistent efforts to support both environment and community.

Beneficial State BankFinance

Beneficial State Bank of California, Oregon, and Washington is committed to promoting equity by stimulating the prosperity of the underserved in our communities. The bank also focuses on financing local businesses and nonprofit organizations that value environmental protection and social justice. Beneficial banking is their creative business model, a manifestation of their economic philosophy. IGIHOF is awarding Beneficial State Bank for their integrative initiatives to uphold the disenfranchised and to protect the environment.

California Green Business ProgramBusiness

The California Green Business Program is a nonprofit organization that partners with both cities and counties to promote and assure sustainable business practices. The Program assists small and medium-sized businesses to develop and incorporate environmental management strategies, and endorses the businesses that adhere to their certification standards. The Program has certified over 3,000 businesses and last year facilitated a total annual cost savings of nearly 33 million dollars. IGIHOF is recognizing the California Green Business Program for its incredible influence on natural resource conservation and emissions aversion.

Castoro CellarsAgriculture

Castoro Cellars owns seven exquisite vineyards in Central California. In collaboration with Mesa Vineyard Management, Castoro is committed to environmental and human health by farming organically, by reusing and recycling, and through investing avidly in solar energy. Castoro Cellars also promotes health and wellness through its Beaverstock music and art festival and via other year-round community activities. The company’s environmental and social initiatives are verified by fellow 2015 IGIHOF Inductee Sustainability in Practice Certified. Castoro Cellars has been chosen for induction into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame because of their assiduous efforts to cultivate low-impact and high-efficiency products.

Linda Smith-Zengen Individual Contributions

Linda Smith-Zengen is an essential leader in the movement to optimize waste management in hospitals. She has mobilized recycling initiatives and has enabled facilities and operations to minimize their overall consumption. In the state of Pennsylvania, her pioneering recycling program saved her employer health network over $300,000 in the first nine months and decreased their infectious waste volume by 50%. Her innovations illustrate that waste reduction is beneficial not only for the cost and resource savings, but also to promote sanitation, which is especially valuable in the healthcare industry. Ms. Smith-Zengen is being inducted as an IGIHOF Lifetime Achiever for her novel and diligent efforts to pursue resource efficiency and ultimately to protect human health.

LittleFootprint LightingManufacturing

LittleFootprint Lighting out of Santa Cruz has developed LED task lamps that are fabricated from recycled e-waste plastic and recycled steel. Their products are manufactured in America, stimulating local economies and reducing transportation costs. Their novel designs strive to reduce landfill waste and to decrease the demand of virgin materials. LittleFootprint Lighting helps reduce the carbon footprint of task lighting without sacrificing aesthetics or efficacy. IGIHOF is awarding LittleFootprint Lighting for taking LED lighting to an even more sustainable level by integrating waste reclamation and material efficiency.

Michael Ben-Eli – Individual Contributions

Over the years, Michael Ben-Eli has worked for an impressive array of institutions, both private and public, as an international management consultant. His work involving the application of cybernetics and systems thinking to various management-related settings is considered groundbreaking, as are his acclaimed Five Sustainability Principles. He was an associate of R.Buckminster Fuller, with whom he researched advanced structural systems as well as conflicts related to the management of global resources and technologies. Today, Mr. Ben-Eli focuses primarily on issues related to sustainability and sustainable development, working tirelessly to involve the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow in these pursuits through his project, The Sustainability Laboratory. It is for this particular effort that he has been chosen to receive the IGIHOF Lifetime Achievement Award.

Singing Frogs FarmsAgriculture

Singing Frogs Farm is a large family-owned vegetable farm in Sonoma County, CA. Amidst a no-till and no-spray management strategy, their farm produces six times the state average harvest per acre per year while significantly increasing the organic matter in their soil and generously decreasing water consumption. The farm also provides a Community Supported Agriculture program for members of the community, which includes a weekly box of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Singing Frogs Farms is being awarded by IGIHOF for their fruitful efforts in sustainable agriculture, which reflects their commitment to the well-being of the local environment and the surrounding community.

Sustainability in PracticeAgriculture

Sustainability in Practice Certified, also known as SIP, is a non-profit organization that verifies and certifies vineyards for sustainable operations. SIP exceeds USDA Organic standards by including evaluations for water and energy efficiency, social responsibility, education, and for many other considerations. SIP emerged from an organization, the Vineyard Team, that was the first sustainability assessment for vineyards nationwide. IGIHOF is recognizing Sustainability in Practice Certified for their novel leadership, unerring precision, and absolute devotion to sustainable cultivation.

Tom Bowman – Individual Contributions

Tom Bowman, founder and CEO of Bowman Change Inc., combines years of practical experience in the private and public sector with a passion for environmentalism and sustainable solutions. In the 80s, he founded the Bowman Design Group, an exhibition design firm that worked with many of the most prominent private and public institutions in the country. His work designing climate change education exhibits for various museums led to a change of focus later in his career. Mr. Bowman has become one of the foremost sustainability specialists in the world, working closely with many of the most influential and important governmental agencies, think tanks, businesses and world leaders across the globe. His book, The Green Edge, is a landmark publication for the events and meetings industry. Its purpose is to dispense practical advice and solutions for corporate middle management tackling sustainable initiatives worldwide, which will, in turn, prepare us for a brighter, greener future. We are honored to present Mr. Bowman with an IGIHOF Lifetime Achievement Award today.


T4T, or Trash for Teaching, is a non-profit organization located in Los Angeles that diverts materials destined for the landfill to classrooms. These clean goods include products from businesses, manufacturers, and warehouses that are defective or that no longer have a use. T4T also helps middle and high school students to address fundamental questions in subjects like physics and biology by providing challenging educational workshops in which students utilize the recycled materials to develop creative solutions. IGIHOF is recognizing T4T for their innovative efforts to reduce waste as well as for their initiatives to promote education.

Individual and Organization Inductees

Individual and Organization Inductees

Individual and Organization Inductees

Individual and Organization Inductees

Individual and Organization Inductees