Founder’s Message

Dear Friend:

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The International Green Industry Hall of Fame welcomes you, your business and your family. Our fragile eco-system is a gift, which we must take seriously and begin to preserve it for future generations.

Over the past century, our planet has experienced more pollution and human-inflicted damage than any time in history. Conversely, man has also recognized the need to recycle, reuse, renew and rethink required to sustain our fragile eco-system. There is evidence worldwide that countries, cities, governments, and world organizations are beginning to have a positive impact on the eco-system through the efforts of individuals, corporations, and governments.

The mission of the International Green Industry Hall of Fame is to recognize those pioneers, leaders, innovators, creators of excellence and visionaries who have made significant contributions to the green industry. Additionally, we are committed to preserving the rich history of these great people and organizations by constructing a virtual hall of fame (educational center) free to the general public.

After visiting our website, we hope that you will consider becoming a members and getting involved.

Thanks again for your interest and support.

Sam Geil
Sam Geil, Founder
International Green Industry Hall of Fame