Conference & Induction Ceremony 2012

2011 IGIHOF Conference Guide

2nd Annual Conference & Induction Ceremony

May 10-11, 2012

The Second Annual Induction Ceremony and Conference was held on the campus of California State University-Fresno, just 45 miles south of Merced, the site of last year’s event. Dr. William Covino welcomed the audience to the campus and set the tone for the entire day. Like the prior year, there were a number of highlights including the Induction Ceremony featuring keynote speaker Dr. Richard Snyder, professor at UC Davis. Dr. Snyder presented a very compelling argument that our planet is heating up at a very aggressive rate and the impact on agriculture globally and in the California Central Valley.

Inductees included: Green Apple Horse Network, Grid Alternatives, SunRun, and Electronic Recyclers International. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipients included John Shegerian, Alan Tratner, Christina Schwerdtfeger, and Ed Begley Jr.

The Conference was held outside with over 25 exhibitor and over 100 local high school students attending their first green conference. The VIP dinner was held at Ft. Washington Country Club and featured a number of wonderful auction items, live music by Tony Oliviera and a special organic gourmet Mediterranean dinner featuring locally raised chicken, lamb and vegetables. The evening’s keynote speaker was Alan Tratner and Lielle Arad from Green2Gold and Sharam Javey the CEO of Aquacue. Mr. Javey showcased their new water meter monitoring technology.

Special recognition and thanks to Emil Milejov and Lori Few and the Fresno State Team.

Live Green!

Sam Geil
Chairman, Board of Directors

Alan Tratner

Alan Tratner is the International Director of FD3′s Green2Gold and the President of the Inventors Workshop International and the Entrepreneurs Workshop, Director of the Small Business Entrepreneurship Center in California, a SCORE (US SBA) counselor, and was publisher of the Lightbulb Journal and INVENT! magazines. He is an inventor and serial entrepreneur, with many inventions and patents.


Aquacue, based in San Jose, CA, allows their customers to set a baseline, segment usage, identify trends, reduce waste and engage the community, all while requiring minimal investment in infrastructure. Their top priorities are reducing water bills and advancing sustainability.


Climate Ride, based in Missoula, MT, is a non-profit organization that organizes fully supported, charitable bike rides to support sustainable solutions, bike advocacy and environmental causes. Climate Ride currently supports two events: Climate Ride NYC-DC and Climate Ride California.

Coto Consulting

Coto Consulting, based in Coto de Caza, CA, provides environmental consulting services to private and public sector clients throughout the United States. Coto specializes in multi-media compliance for air, water and hazardous waste, with particular emphasis on greenhouse gases and sustainability.

Electronic Recyclers International

Electronic Recyclers International based in Fresno, CA, is the nation’s largest electronic waste recycler. ERI recycles over 170 million Pounds annually in 6 U.S. Locations. To date they have the highest capacity and most technologically advanced E-Waste shredding system in North America.

Glen Roberts

Glen Roberts based in Bakersfield and Fresno CA is currently employed by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce providing export business consulting. His current activities include exporting, economic development, training, & renewable energy and alternative fuels industry sector.

Green Apple Horse Network

Green Apple Horse Network, based in Marin County, CA, has news, information and solutions on how to go green in the horse industry. Also, they manage a comprehensive business directory to help individuals easily locate green products and services.

GRID Alternatives

GRID Alternatives based in Oakland, CA, has a mission to empower communities in need by providing renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipment and training. GRID Alternatives works collaboratively with communities and local organizations to identify specific needs and to develop renewable energy solutions that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

H2 Purepower

H2 Purepower, based in Chandler, AZ, manufactures hydrogen generators for gasoline and diesel powered engines. Hydrogen enhancement of your fuel makes it highly efficient, burning more of it in the engine rather than wasting the fuel out the muffler. The benefits of hydrogen supplementation are better performance, improved gas mileage and significantly reduced emissions.

Kaiser Permanente, Modesto

Kaiser Permanente is continually working to find environmentally friendly products, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and inform public policy to protect the health and safety of our workforce and members alike. Kaiser Permanente has a long history of environmental stewardship. The organization builds greener facilities, strives to purchases non-toxic materials and supports sustainable agriculture.

Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)

MIIS is committed to realizing sustainability in their operations, while promoting it through the education and engagement of their students. With a faculty and a student body that is truly global, they understand the scope and the urgency of the current environmental crisis. Their world-class faculty, students, and alumni bring decades of experience in creating and affecting the policies that drive the environmental movement today.

Real Goods Solar

Real Goods Solar’s mission is to promote the adoption of renewable energy to reduce the human ecological footprint. Using proven technologies, high quality engineering and professional installation practices, we enable our customers to transition to clean energy. They lead by providing inspirational education, promoting community, and demonstrating stewardship through our actions.

REC Solar

REC Solar, Inc. specializes in grid-tied solar electric design and installation, offering the latest technology, state of the art equipment, and financing opportunities for all commercial and residential customers.


Sunrun, based in San Francisco, CA, offers homeowners a new way to go solar, by eliminating high upfront costs and selling electricity generated by panels on their customers’ roofs. Sunrun specializes in solar leasing and power purchase agreements.

Taylor Teter Partnership

Taylor Teter, an architecture firm based in Fresno, CA, strives to provide a solution that’s thoughtfully designed, aesthetically pleasing, functional, technically sound, sustainable, and meets the user’s needs/desires.

UC Merced

One major goal for University California Merced is to become the greenest campus in the country. As of May 2009: Six campus buildings have earned LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), with a seventh earning LEED Silver and four more buildings under construction or recently completed are expected to achieve LEED Gold No other university in the United States has earned LEED Silver or better for every building on campus. UC Merced’s commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond building practices. Participation in the campus wide recycling program is the norm, not the exception.

United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

The U.S. Green Building Council is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. Their community of leaders are working to make green buildings available to everyone within a generation.

Shahram Javey

Shahram Javey

New Water Manager

Shahram Javey is the Founder and CEO of Aquacue. Shahram is an innovator, leader and entrepreneur. He has created multiple products and online services for IBM and Adobe Systems. A dyed-in-the-wool life-time learner, Shahram is passionate about mastering and incorporating new ideas and technologies to create simple and convenient products and services that make life easier both on and offline.

Aquacue creates water management products and services for commercial, institutional, industrial, municipal, and high-use residential customers who want to understand their water use to improve their water efficiency, detect leaks, and reduce water expenses.

Today everyone needs to be a water manager. From the homeowner or apartment dweller to the corporate facilities manager, we’re all individually and collectively responsible for solving the world’s water crises. New technologies and new outlooks are bubbling up, making it simple, easy and even fun to take on and meet even our most daunting water management challenges.

Aquacue and its customers are making waves as the new water managers. Shahram Javey, Aquacue’s CEO will share some of their stories and introduce new chapter highlights in the lives and times of the new water manager.

Richard L. Snyder

Richard L. Snyder

Principal Investigator, California Irrigation Management Information Systems (CIMIS)

Topic: The Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture in California.

Richard L. Snyder is the principal investigator on the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) research and development project. He co-wrote the SIMETAW and CUP+ programs for use in the California Water Plan, was the co-author of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization book. He also authored or co-authored 125 refereed scientific papers on a range of topics including: evapotranspiration, irrigation scheduling, frost protection, meteorological measurements and analysis, wildfire, soils, phenology, and climate change.

Courtney Kalashian

Courtney Kalashian

Energy Efficiency Enthusiast

Topic: Benchmarking Energy Data – Because You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

Courtney Kalashian is an energy efficiency enthusiast and Valley native committed to improving the quality of life in the San Joaquin Valley through the promotion of clean energy. Courtney, with her three team members, works in coalition with local governments, community-based organizations, environmental and business organizations, and regulatory bodies to realize savings in excess of 16,000,000 kWh and secured more than $6,000,000 in clean energy project funding. While with the Organization, Courtney has overseen support efforts of the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan through development of “Benchmarking Made Easy”, a user’s guide to the EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager system and assisting local governments in adopting benchmarking policies.

Frank Ferral

Frank J. Ferral

Public Policy Director, Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Topic: Reducing the Cost of Doing Business through the Valley REACON

Frank J. Ferral has been the Program & Public Policy Director for the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce for the past 14 years. Ferral staffs the Award winning Green Team San Joaquin program and the Recycling Energy Air Conservation (REACON) Team. Ferral holds a Master of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, both from California State University, Stanislaus.

Edward Cornejo

Edward Cornejo


Topic: Green Job Forecast

Edward Cornejo has over 18+ Years of experience in Green Building Project Management, Acquisition & Planning and Land Development. Architectural Design and Purchasing. Edward pocesses several instructor certifications and a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. Edward is directly involved with the day-to-day operations of the Green Professional Training Center and his focus is on training & education.

Mark Santos

Mark Santos

Director of Business Development, Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc.

Topic: Navigating Solar Photovoltaic Options

Mark Santos is the Director of Business Development for Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc. a worldwide photovoltaic solar integrator based in El Dorado Hills, CA. Premier Power is the leading global provider of solar power systems, to small and large commercial enterprise, agricultural applications, utilities, municipality and governments. Premier Power is uniquely diversified across markets segments and geography to deliver unmatched experience throughout North America and Europe. Mr. Santos is responsible for strategic business development in all of Premier Power’s North American market verticals. He is affiliated with SME, CALSIEA, SEPA, ASES, El Dorado & Napa County Farm Bureaus, and the San Joaquin Valley & Amador County Winegrowers Associations. Previous to his move into the renewable energy field he was a Manufacturing Engineer/Project Manager of Research & Development for McDonnell Douglas Corporation and an Information Technology Senior Account Executive for Inacomp Sacramento. Mr. Santos has been recognized as the top producing sales representative consecutively from 1994 – 2007 while working for Inacomp and possesses that distinction for the calendar years 2008 – 2011 while working for Premier Power. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from California State University Long Beach. He has been a guest lecturer, on the subject of “The Economics of Solar”, at the University of California, Davis. He has been a featured speaker for Half Moon Bay Seminars, The Northern and Central California Facilities Expo’s, twice for Enphase Energy at Solar Power International, as well as being highlighted in Solar Pro Magazine. Since Joining Premier Power, Mr. Santos’ efforts have resulted in several multimillion dollar solar PV installations that have proven to be beneficial for the customer’s bottom line as well as the environment.

Ron Segura

Ron Segura

President, Segura & Associates

Topic: Green or Sustainable Cleaning – Which One is for You?

Ron Segura, President of Segura & Associates, brings over 45 years of experience in all segments of the cleaning industry. Ten of those years were spent as Manager of Janitorial /Document Services for Walt Disney Pictures and Television.

  • 2003, Ron Segura formed the Sourcing Systems Alliance, an alliance group of building maintenance contractors that is made up of six of the top 25 companies in the industry.
  • 2004, Segura & Associates formed a working alliance with the Ashkin Group, the recognized experts in Green Cleaning.
  • 2008, a founding member of Tripod Learning Associates a group made up of three of the top consulting firms in the Cleaning Industry. Tripod provides workshops, pod casts, and onsite training. (
  • 2009, developed and implemented a Sustainable RFP Process for Stanford University
  • 2010, monthly podcast columnist for “Tomorrows Cleaning” a online magazine in UK. (
  • 2011, conducted several seminars for Building Service Contractors Association International
  • 2012 U.S. correspondent for European Cleaning Journal(
Henrik Skov Laursen

Henrik Skov Laursen

Director, Grundfos Silicon Valley

Topic: BlueTechValley – The new future for our Central Valley

Henrik Skov Laursen, Head of Grunfos Water Technology Center, North America, is managing the Grundfos Water Technology Center located in Fresno, California. A center for research, academic institutions and small start-up companies to gather and share knowledge relating to various water technology topics. The Grundfos Water Technology Center offers space, access to Grundfos research and technology resources and aspires to be the catalyst in creating new sustainable
business and product solutions to the international community’s challenges related to water efficiency. Grundfos takes a long term perspective in providing sustainable technological solutions and platforms to these challenges and aims to create the water technology link between research and business development – from academic institutions to the end-user.

At Grundfos, Henrik Skov Laursen has been involved in Grundfos new business creation process which is a major project in the Group sparking new business opportunities with existing and new technologies. Prior to that Henrik worked as Business Director for the industrial markets in North America and before that as Global Product Manager for Grundfos’ new line of Digital Dosing pumps. Further Henrik was responsible as Integration Manager of the integration activities of Grundfos’ major acquisition in 2005 of the German Dosing and Disinfection company Alldos Dosiertechnik GmbH.

Alan Tratner

Alan Tratner

President, Inventors Workshop International & Entrepreneurs Workshop

Topic: The Sustainable Planet and The Total Vantage Point

Alan Tratner, is the International Director of FD3′s Green2Gold and the President of the Inventors Workshop International and the Entrepreneurs Workshop, Director of the Small Business Entrepreneurship Center in California, a SCORE (US SBA) counselor, and was publisher of the Lightbulb Journal and INVENT! magazines. He is an inventor and serial entrepreneur, with many inventions and patents. He has been dubbed the “Minister of Ideas” by the media, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Inc., Entrepreneur, Business Week, TIME, USA Today, America Online Forum, and has appeared on OPRAH, NPR, CNN, Good Morning America, and CNBC. Alan has mentored and assisted thousands of green technology, sustainable ecology and energy companies, inventors, and new product creators. He was a former Professor of Environment and Energy, participated in the First International United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, Stockholm Sweden, was staff member of Environmental Quality Magazine and helped establish Earth Day. He founded the Environmental Education Group Foundation with many supporters, including Nobel Prize winner Dr. Dennis Gabor. Alan traveled the USA conducting the Ultimate Crisis and Solutions for Survival seminars, led an environmental and alternative energy delegation to the former Soviet Union for the Citizen’s Ambassador Program. He was editor of Energies Journal for the Solar Energy Society of America, published the Geothermal Energy magazine and Geothermal World Directory. In the 1990’s he became Director of the Green Business Conference of the ECO EXPO, created the Eco Inventors and Eco Entrepreneurs Workshops, and the New Environmental Technologies Exhibits. Alan founded the Green2Gold project which holds workshops and facilitates incubators for sustainable enterprises to foster new renewable energy technologies and green products/service around the world. Alan has served on numerous boards and committees and projects in the public and private sectors and was appointed by the Governor of California as the Southern California Director of Sun Day–the international solar energy event. He is a nominator for the annual Lemelson/MIT $500,000 award to American Inventors. He has presented over 4000 workshops from Stanford University to Moscow, Russia and has received recognition and awards from the White House, State Governors and City Mayors across the nation.

Lielle Arad

Lielle Arad

Global Director & Spokesperson, Public Affairs, FD3

Topic: The Sustainable Planet and The Total Vantage Point

Lielle Arad, is the Global Director and Spokesperson of Public Affairs for the International Non-Profit World Helping Organization, FD3. Lielle is involved with FD3 in an original process that is bringing personal and collective world changing workshops and true solutions and balance to our planet. She is involved with the organization, production and the assembling of many serious world helping non-profit, huge, save our planet events. Lielle is also the Chairwoman of the International Advisory Board for Environmental Education Group (EEG) and is a full time volunteer 100% dedicated to the responsibility aspect of EEG projects. Ms. Arad is a Certified Professional Ontological Coach since 2001, and has professionally and personally coached Non-Profit Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Celebrities, Trauma Victims and Adolescents. Lielle founded and developed ‘The Evolving Mother’, a support training program, and ‘MotherBank’, a complimentary currency system, as well as a Media Company.

Layla Forstedt

Layla Forstedt

President/CEO, Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau;

Topic: Green Tourism

Layla Forstedt, President/CEO for the Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau; is a Certified Destination Management Executive (CDME) through Destination Marketing Association International. Layla recognizes the importance of a strong marketing message for Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley region and her vision involves a commitment to increasing travel spending and tourism in the Fresno region, She is dedicated to marketing this region as one of the world’s most unique green destination’s while improving the local economy with tourism as an economic driver.

Sam Ramirez

General Manager Holiday Inn Fresno Airport

Sam is a Hospitality professional with 10 years of experience working in hotel properties ranging from 54 to 255 rooms in California. These properties have included small golf resorts, 4 diamond ocean front resorts, tribal casino gaming, branded focused service hotels and full service branded hotels. His career in this industry has allowed him to work within every department of a hotel from hotel sales, operations and food & beverage. His vast experience in the industry has brought him to take a leadership role in the Fresno/Clovis area tourism and green initiatives.

Laura Calderon

Senior Sales Manager Fresno/Clovis CVB

Laura Calderon, Senior Sales Manager for the Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau
has more than 7 years experience with convention sales. Through her years at the bureau she has seen the increased demand from meeting planners and organizations for green meetings. She previously served on the IGIHOF board of directors and works closely with the Convention Center Staff , hoteliers and other meeting venues to help educate and increase awareness of the benefits of increased environmental efforts.

Conrad Braganza

Senior Analyst R & D FCCVB

Conrad Braganza is Senior Research & Development Analyst at the Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau. The Fresno/Clovis CVB is the premiere Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for the Fresno/Clovis region. Conrad manages the Destination Builders Program, a preferred internship program among Fresno State students. Most recently, the team presented the latest research on growing agritourism as a unique green business opportunity in the Fresno region. The research team continues to analyze the growing profile of the green traveler coming to Fresno.

Conrad is currently a Master of Science candidate in Biology at Fresno State and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from California State University, Stanislaus.

William A. Covino

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, California State University, Fresno

William A. Covino became Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs on July 6, 2009. The Provost is the university’s chief academic officer, providing leadership for the University’s eight schools and colleges, grants and research, the library, continuing and global education, and other academic units of the university. The Provost coordinates and implements academic goals, educational policy, curricular planning and development, academic program review, academic personnel actions, faculty and staff development, resource development and allocation, assessment, professional and regional accreditation, and strategic and master academic planning.

Provost Covino came to California State University, Fresno after serving as Provost at California State University, Stanislaus, and as Dean of the College of Arts and Letters at Florida Atlantic University. He has also held faculty positions at the University of Illinois at Chicago and San Diego State University. Covino’s administrative priorities and accomplishments have included developing and expanding distinctive academic programs, building greater support for applied scholarly research, improving student learning outcomes, increasing fundraising and partnership opportunities, and encouraging community engagement across the curriculum. His undergraduate and graduate teaching has included courses on rhetoric and literature, and his scholarly record features numerous chapters, articles, and reviews, as well as five books on rhetoric, literacy, imagination, and persuasion.

Provost Covino received a PhD in English from the University of Southern California in 1981.

Bob Hilton

Master of Ceremony

Bob Hilton, Master of Ceremony, is no stranger to the concept of “Going Green”. Although recognized for his body of work in the broadcasting industry as a television news anchor, talk show host, commercial spokesman and the voice or host of many nationally televised game shows (Let’s Make a Deal, Pyramid, Win-Lose-or-Draw, Newlywed Game,The Price is Right, Truth or Consequences and many others), Bob and his wife Joni were thinking green more than 12 years ago. That’s when they developed an environmentally safe cleaner, Holy Cow, which they took to market to rave reviews and achieved nationwide distribution. They sold the company two years ago and are now in development on more green based ideas. Bob is also involved in that “other” green field, financials, associating himself with New York Life.

Janet Ontko

Artist & Craftsman

Janet Ontko is inspired by the simplicity and style of the Craftsman Movement. The honesty of the materials, the look of the clay, the touch of the potter, and the return to the craft tradition compelled Janet to develop her own signature style. Her line of award-winning tiles, birdhouses and sculptures incorporates her love of gardening and nature.

For almost fifteen years, Janet has traveled around the United States showing her line at wholesale and retail shows. Her work is sold in museums and galleries throughout the United States and Japan. Janet’s designs have won various awards and have been highlighted in both newspaper and magazine articles. Her tiles have even been featured in the television set design for “Martha Stewart Living”.

Janet received her Art degree from CSU Fresno. She woked with a number of Fresno artists, including environmental/architectural ceramist Stan Bitters, before opening her own studio in 1995.

Janet is also the designer/creator of this years IGIHOF Awards.

Tony Oliveira


Tony Oliveira is one of California’s most prolific writers and composer of country, blues, and ballad music. He writes from his ranch in the country side of central California. His song Renaissance Cowboy is somewhat of a self portrait of a man that is one of California’s leaders in public policy, a professor of economics, and an entertainer in heart and soul.

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