Board Members

Board Members

The International Green Industry Hall of Fame Board of Directors is comprised of highly dedicated people who are passionate for our mission (Recognizing Individuals and Organizations for excellence in the Green Industry). Since our inception in 2008, we have had a wide variety of board members contributing in a number of different ways. Today, the IGIHOF Board has 11 members representing Finance, Law, Education, Building, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Service, and Marketing.

Board members are expected to participate by volunteering or financially supporting our two largest efforts: the annual Induction Ceremony & Conference and the gogreenhall Website. Since we do not employ paid staff, the vast majority of the work is performed by our board members. It is for this reason we thank all past and present board members for their valuable contributions.

Advisory Board Members

As with all effective organizations, there are times when getting an outside perspective becomes necessary and provides a valuable service to the organization. We have formed an Advisory Council made up of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills within the Green Industry. IGHIOF’s Advisory Council will consist of non-directors whose purpose will be to make recommendations to the Board or the Board’s authorized representatives on strategic planning and policy issues. However, the advisory committee will have no authority to make decisions on behalf of the Board of Directors or IGIHOF.

We are fortunate to have a diverse Advisory Council made up of talented people dedicated to the advancement of the Green Industry.

Board Member Application

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