2017 Event Host



The International Green Industry Hall of Fame is honored to co-host the 7th annual Conference and Induction Ceremony at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District (CVMD) in Clovis, CA on October 5-6, 2017.  The theme of the 2017 Conference and Induction Ceremony is “Air, Land, and Sea”.

Both IGIHOF and CVMD share a number of things in common, which explains why this event is so important and will be a MILESTONE moment. While the two organizations’ missions are different, they are complimentary. The common elements are service and preservation. Both IGIHOF and CVMD provide a valuable service to our community and believe the preservation and stewardship of natural resources are inherently our duty as citizens.

The primary mission of the International Green Industry can be summed up in two words: recognition and education. By recognizing excellence in the Green Industry, we naturally build a library of information preserving the stories of our innovative inductees. This library of excellence is a source of inspiration and education for future generations.

By recognizing the work of veterans and those who have transitioned into the Green Industry, we tell their stories which would otherwise have not been told. Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. As we honor the military service personnel who dedicated their life to liberty and freedom, we also honor those who work tirelessly to preserve our natural resources and strive to innovate in the Green Industry. By being good stewards of our environment, we also preserve our world’s foundational ideals.